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About Us

gauntMaking molecules with function is fundamental to every aspect of modern life.  In order to meet future societal needs, it is essential that we are able to synthesize bespoke molecules in a cost efficient, rapid and sustainable fashion, and catalysis is central to how we meet these objectives. Catalysis is a major contributor to the international economic landscape and a key generator of wealth, innovation and job creation. Petroleum, energy, chemical production, pharmaceuticals and the food industry contribute trillions of dollars to the global GDP – catalytic processes are estimated to contribute up to 35% of this sum. However, as new societal challenges emerge, the role of catalysts will become even more prominent in providing solutions across all sectors involved with the next generation of medicines, agrochemicals, plastics, functional materials and consumer products. 


Professor Alexei LapkinCatalysis@Cambridge brings together the most innovative aspects of catalysis, chemical synthesis, computation, technology, materials and polymer science, biotechnology, molecular biology and chemical engineering will combine to provide a virtual centre that will take a fresh and transformative approach to catalysis research.


Matthew Gaunt and Alexei Lapkin