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Research Themes

New Catalytic Reactivity

Can we fundamentally change the way we make molecules by developing new reactivity concepts and catalysts to make synthesis efficient, cheap, and quick?

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New Catalytic Technology

Can new technology strategies lead to a step change in how we discover new reactions and catalysts, optimize processes, and manufacture value-added products?

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Catalysis with Materials

Are novel functionalized materials capable of performing as efficient catalysts to improve industrially important processes?

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Catalysis for Sustainability

Can we develop catalytic processes that convert renewable resource feedstock’s into new chemicals and fuels?

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Energy Efficient Catalysis

Is catalysis capable of delivering energy efficient processes for the fine chemical production?

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Non-native Biocatalysis

Can we unlock the catalytic efficacy of enzymes beyond their native function to dramatically expand the biocatalysis toolbox of synthetic transformations?

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